From Nature to BioComp®

BioComp® is an innovative family of bioplastics made with components natural in origin utilizing biodegradable polymers obtained from both renewable materials and fossil fuel.

Biodegradability and compostability of BioComp® is unchanged by the use of plasticizers and the addition of organic and inorganic charges (such as plant fibers, cellulose, lignin, talc…).

General Information

All BioComp® formulations are made from polimeric resins extracted both from biomass and from synthetic polymers made from bio-derived monomers and microorganisms.

The major advantages of bioplastics BioComp® are:

  • Very high content of natural (renewable) resource raw materials
  • Outstanding mechanical properties (similar to LDPE and EVA depending on the grade)
  • Wide processing window
  • Processable on standard extrusion machinery with an high throughput
  • Printability without corona treatment
  • Colorability guaranteed through the average biobased masterbatches
  • BioComp® is obtaining the ˝OK Compost˝ certification under Belgian Body VINCOTTE AIB, which is a recognized brand from AFNOR and LNE. This brand ensures the absence of heavy metals and harmful substances in all BioComp® formulations. An excellent disintegration of the manufactured products and the ecotoxicity of the humus are assured and certified. The biodegradability of at least 90% is garanteed within six months.

BioComp® Documentation