ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management System

With the curiosity of modern explorers, our laboratory engineers use sophisticated and state-of-the-art technological tools to produce advanced compositions and combinations of different chemical elements, constantly focusing on the most suitable technical solutions. Pigments, additives, and polymers are put together, thus creating a wide range of masterbatches - a match between science and creativity and produces highly customised Projects/Analysis.
At the end of the product analysis phase, the product undergoes a processing and engineering test on hi-tech pilot plants which reflect the features of industrial plants.

Microtec srl is equipped with a wide range of advanced analytical instruments and accessories which enable it to offer services that cover a wide scope of areas and test conditions. 

The major categories of the instruments installed include:

  • Thermal Analysers (DSC, TGA, DMA)
  • Rheometers (Capillary Rheometer, Dynamic Rotational Rheometer)
  • Particle Size Analyser and Classifier (Coulter Counter, Zig-zag Classifier)
  • Mechanical and Physical Properties Testing Equipment (Tensile Tester, Impact Tester, HDT/Vicat Tester, Melt Flow Indexer)
  • Optical Instrument and Optical Properties Testing Equipment (Gloss meter, Optical Microscope)
  • Processing Equipment (Single- and Twin-screw extruders)
  • Photographic and IT Equipment